The Massachusetts male aging study has a bad news for men !!!

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study has recently a revelation that with age, men are slowing down. IF the report is to believed, by 65 many are almost finished in bed!!

TheMassachusetts Male Aging Study has a piece of very bad news for all the men. And the news is that Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become a major sexual health crisis for men as their age is increasing.


The symptoms of men of the same age are common. They are sexy until they are young. As a man grows older, his level of testosterone drops and drops very fast. He tends to lose his interest in sex as he continues losing potency with his age.

Massachusetts Male Aging Study

This is the first mark of the onslaught of ED.

The same male agency reports further that by the time American men turn 40, 40% of them are already suffering from dreaded ED.  

An alarming situation for any of us, the men. We, the men have traditionally been proud of our manhood, and being impotent is next to losing respect in our eye. It is simple for us. If we lose potency, we lose self-respect.

The situation further gets worsen once a man reaches the age of 65 as the agency reports further. By that age, most of us have already turned monks; willingly or unwillingly. There remains no interest in sex . And life becomes a joke.

We don’t want to admit it even to our girlfriend. We have a thousand reasons not to go the bed with her than admitting that sex doesn’t sound so much fun to us now!

Life can't be worse than this.

Such a beautiful act that mother nature showered upon us has just been lost by us!
Or wait, do we have something to save us from the catastrophe here at this age?

This number stands a whopping 70% of us!.  

As we grow, we watch silently what is happening to us. We do nothing and we die every day silently within. We can’t share it with anyone. Not with friends or not even with our spouse, partner, or girlfriend! It is just too unbearable. It's humiliating.

How can we simply let someone laugh or make a joke on our manhood? It’s a matter of pride for us! We have been programmed that way.

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